We offer several packages to meet the needs of your project:

Tool Shed Demo 1-4 Record/Song Package $650

Tool Shed EP 5-8 Record/Song Package $975

Tool Shed LP/ELP Album 9-12 Record/Song Package $1,500


A 50% deposit is required in advance to book all sessions


Mixing Rates:

$40 per/hour

Mastering Rates:

$80 per/song


$450 per 10-Hour Day

Yes, we rent the studio at an hourly rate:
  • $20 per hour, includes a full PA system and vocal microphones.
  • $25 per hour, includes the above plus a Yamaha house drum kit (so your drummer doesn't have to bring their own).
Yes! for a list of equipment, please click here. Instruments are only available to Tool Shed recording clients.Rates are as follows:
  • Guitar $50 per/day
  • Bass $50 per/day
  • Amplifier $100 per/day
  • Snare Drum $20 per/day
  • Drum Kit $100 per/day
  • Moog Theremin $25 per/day
  • Keyboard $50 per/day
Absolutely! Contact either Forest or Brian to schedule a free, no obligation studio tour. We'd love to have you come by, look around, turn some knobs and discuss your project goals.
Simply give us a call and check for availability. What typically works best for our clients is to record (track) on the weekends since most band mates are available Saturday and Sunday. Then leave the mixing and mastering for the weekdays. However we are able to work with your project's schedule.



Most certainly. We can bring your tracks into a Pro Tools session for mixing or fly them into our HD24 decks and mix on our Yamaha desk and add outboard coloring if you so desire. We typically mix down to a 48kHz sample rate at a 24 bit depth and convert to whatever output medium standard you choose.
Yes we can. However our studio prefers a more "natural" approach to recording. Our philosophy is to get the best sounding performance from the musicians as possible in the original tracks. The less "fixing" that goes on, the better your final mixes will sound. Pitch correcting tracks can be a very time consuming and surgical process and can end up costing the client more than simply re-tracking the take to get the correct pitch naturally. We always stress: Practice, practice, practice and then practice one more time just to be sure.
There are many factors that play into the length of the recording process but typically a 3-4 minute song can take 2-3 hours depending on how well rehearsed the group is and how many overdubs are needed (lead vocals, vocal harmonies, guitar solos & other "repairs.")